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Portrait of Alerta Rocket

Alerta Rocket

Acerca de Alerta Rocket

Lima, Peru

Following the separation of the members of TK, Ed Rocket (vocals & guitar) decided to embark on a new musical project. And so, in 2007, after some auditions he met Sam (drums), Bens (bass) and Mike (guitar) with whom formed “Alerta Rocket” family.After one year working on recording studios, in October 2008, Alerta Rocket released their first album named “Alerta Rocket”. At the same time, Mike Rocket left Alerta Rocket and Charlie Rocket (guitar) came into the band.

“Alerta Rocket” album was recorded at “El cuarto de Jose” recording studios in Lima (Peru) and the mastering at “El Pie Recording Studios” in Buenos Aires (Argentina). This record consist of ten songs to get caught with surround melodies and lyrics dominated by the riffs and solos of distorted guitars, as well as drums and bass with lots of personality.

Under Fans n’ Music indie record label, Alerta Rocket is presented in the local scene of Lima (Peru) with a typical indie rock sound performing at bars, discotheques, festivals; within others.

In 2009, Sam Rocket left the band to continue with musical studies and C’ Rocket replaced him at the drums while Charlie Rocket decided to continue with his university career.“Beiby” was the first promotional song chose by the band to show their first musical work. This song was in the top of several Peruvian FM radio stations and the video clip reached the Top10 of MTVLA for several weeks and the #26 in 100 best videos of 2009 in MTVLA. Some weeks later, “Beiby” had its premiere at Mexican musical channel Ritmoson Latino.

The same year, at the end of October, Alerta Rocket visited Argentina for the first time to promote their album at well known “Roxy Live” in Buenos Aires city.

Coming from Argentina, the band filmed their second video “Dame Mil”. This video reached the Top10 of MTVLA for more than six weeks, #13 Latin Video of the year and #24 of the Top100 videos of 2010; several weeks “on air” at Ritmoson Latino channel and had its premiere at Mexican musical channel Telehit. At the same time, Alerta Rocket was sponsored by SHURE International to perform in a national tour and became EPIPHONE artists.

At the end of 2010, Alerta Rocket’s music was included into the first MTVLA Novel “Niñas Mal” and was broadcast all signals of MTV Latin America signals, MTV Tr3s U.S., within others.

This album release also includes original English song “Let Me Try” selected into the Top 1,500 of 15º Billboard World Song Contest 2008


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