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Portrait of Pedro Eca e os Franco Atiradores

Pedro Eca e os Franco Atiradores

Acerca de Pedro Eca e os Franco Atiradores

Cascais, Portugal

Portuguese singer/songwriter Pedro Eça was born in Angola in 1973. He relocated at a young age to Chile and then on to Brazil, always being passionate about music he learned to appreciated different cultures and a variety of musical styles. Whilst in Brazil Pedro discovered he had a great talent for playing the guitar, and he started making his own music. Just before his 18th birthday Pedro moved to Portugal, where he continued to compose. Pedro then moved to France in 2001 to study the French language. With his passion for music it did not take him long to enter into the local music scene, mainly performing covers in English/Irish bars and pubs to gain stage experience. Pedro eventually earned himself a reputation as a solid solo act which in return gave him the opportunity at the “Fugues” Dijon international music festival, to perform his first solo concert with original self composed material.

Upon his return to Portugal in 2003 Pedro had enough material to form a band. Together with recognized talents, Hugo Florêncio and Israel Cestinho, the back up band Franco Atiradores was founded, and the project was on its way. As time went by the ensemble grew and many talented and well renowned musicians became involved. Pedro Eça e os Franco Atiradores started out playing live at events around the Lisbon area, and were well received by public and press alike. Produced by Marco Jung at Marduc Studios, in July of 2009 the first album of Pedro Eça e os Franco Atiradores “Que a tua guerra seja a paz!” was released by the label MEQ-ideas.

When asked about his songs, Pedro Eça answers that his objective is to pass on important messages of the true actuality of our society, looking at the world with a critical eye. He points the fingers at subjects of unpleasant realities, often ignored because we are afraid of what we may find when looking deep into the mirror, but also about good life and hope. Although the first album was recorded in Portuguese, Pedro also includes compositions in other languages in his live acts. Singing in Portuguese, French, English and Spanish, with an eclectic approach Pedro Eça travels through funk, bossa-nova, ska, reggae and rock/pop.

So far the Franco Atiradores has had the collaborations of: Ruben Santos “El Pavoni” (electric bass), Eddy Gondim (drums), Pedro Santos (drums), Tom (percussions), Zéquinha (sax alto & tenor), Filipe Valentim (sax alto & baritone), Miguel Gonçalves (trumpet), Antonio Morais (trumpet), Ruben Santos (trombone), Rui Gonçalves (trombone), Luis Pinto (tuba), Claudio Nunes (cello), Tiago Flores (violin), Diana Freire and Abílio Caseiro (Portuguese guitar).

The Pedro Eça e os Franco Atiradores "Que a tua guerra seja a paz! Tour 2010" is now in motion, and performing all over Portugal. Included talented musicians are as following: Moacir (drums), Carl Nevitt (bass), Bernardo Adario (electric bass), Israel Cestinho (keyboards), Hugo Florêncio (electric guitar), Ricardo Moreno (electric guitar), Paulo Muiños (sax), António Bravo (trombone) and Ruben Supelos (trumpet)

Booking Contacts:
351 91 970 01 44

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Más sobre el artista

Portrait of Pedro Eca e os Franco Atiradores
Pedro Eca e os Franco Atiradores